-Benefits of Dance-

Top 10 benefits of Dancing

1. Cardio & Aerobic: Dancing benefits your heart, lung and cardiovascular system. Dancers that compete in dance competitions elevate their fitness rate similarly to those that participate in Olympic events like cycling, swimming and running.

2.  Skeletal Strength: Dancing is a low impact exercise that creates bone density creating strong bones. Dance aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, also keeps joints lubricated, which helps prevent arthritis.

3.  Weight Control: Dancing is exercise, and burns calories from 5-10 calories per minute depending on the dance. Dancing is a fun way to exercise.

4.  Blood Flow: Dancing will reduce bad cholesterol in your blood allowing better blood flow throughout your body. It also contributes to lowering blood sugar levels that affect diabetics.

5.  Mental Exercise: Dancing is an excellent brain exercise, recalling steps, routines and dance patterns will challenge your mental capability requiring you to remain alert and quick.

6.  Balance: Dancers "developing strength, suppleness, coordination and balance". "Ballroom and Latin American dancing requires good coordination and fluidity of movement."

7.  Socially Gratifying: Dancing is a social activity allowing the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

8.  Culturally Diverse: People of all cultures dance, interaction with different culturally diverse people expands your mind while sharing your spirit of dance.

9.  Improved Appearance: People that dance look better, they make an effort to project style on and off the dance floor.

10.  Feel Good: Dancing lifts your spirits and releases tension by raising our endorphin levels creating a positive sense of well being. "Lowering stress hormones makes you feel more relaxed and calm.